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Two couples strike a chord with family music-class franchise

photo credit Buck Ennis
An excerpt from the Crane's Business Article...
Alison Qualter Berna and Allison Schlanger became fast friends at a baby music class in 2005. Besides sharing a name, both were working moms with twins trying to solve the work-life balance conundrum.
A dozen years later their company is making millions of dollars helping parents keep their preschool kids active and stimulated. Now they are their own bosses, allowing them the freedom to make time for family.
The women's working relationship began with dinner and wine with their husbands, the conversation moving to how to strike out on their own. Soon the couples put a plan into action: They pooled more than $1 million from savings, family and friends to develop an indoor play space called Apple Seeds. From the get-go they wanted to create a brand that could become a franchise operation......
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