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art through a child's eyes

by Karina Perez (my Chelsea art opening teacher)

Throughout my time at apple seeds I have come to realize what a unique occasion it is to witness the world of art through a child's eyes. I often see a spectacular smile engulf their tiny faces or a wondrous look of surprise travel across their innocent eyes. It is such an amazing feeling to know that they are opening their minds to the creative world. I take great pleasure working with young children while they explore and experience art-sometimes for the very first time. As an art teacher as well as an art enthusiast I am very interested in the creative process. Therefore, I cannot express how strongly I feel about allowing my students to make their projects as they see fit. It is important for children to play a role in their own creative thoughts and process. If a child only leaves 3 brush strokes and is finished, we as adults should not find the need to "fix it" or "fill the space". Instead we should cherish and applaud the work they did, as I am sure they are very proud of it. 

The article below, along with the artist featured, are a perfect examples of what children are capable of and how they desire the process of creation much more than the creation itself. 


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