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apple seeds Dubai

Check out the incredibly gorgeous apple seeds in Dubai!  I was able to visit our apple seeds location on my way to Katmandu, Nepal this week.  I brought my 84 year old mother-in-law, Bobby's mom, who had such pride in her face to see just how well apple seeds replicates, even on the other side of the world.

In the photos you'll see the playground, the art room, apple CORE training (with Rachelle), the songs for seeds room ( with Neil, the sfs guitarist) and the entrance.

We continue to be blown away by our partners in Dubai - Reem, Amira and Miran.  The space is as beautiful as the day it opened a year and a half ago. The community of families is wonderful and appreciative. And we can say with certainty, having spent time in the playground and classes, the entire apple seeds Dubai staff is welcoming, warm, fun, and in love with their little apple seedlings...as much as we are here in New York City!



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