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NEW apple seeds location coming soon!

apple seeds is thrilled to announce the opening of our third NYC location. On July 11, 2013 (just one short month away...) apple seeds comes to Oval Kids in Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town.

The new "Oval Kids by apple seeds' operation, situated in the center of the property's Oval park area, is exclusive to PCVST residents (all 30,000 of them!), and will include apple seeds' signature playground exhibits and our totally addicting songs for seeds music program. The playground is scheduled to open just in time to provide an air conditioned retreat for kids and their adults this summer; and to kick off two four-week summer semesters of songs for seeds classes, which was named "Best Music Class 2010" by New York Magazine for children age newborn-5 years. We plan to offer an expanded selection of apple seeds classes in the near future.

The space is now being renovated and prepped so that we can install an incredible new playground, complete with our signature apartment building climbing structure, NYC taxi and deli, flower shape sorter and mini obstacle course for babies, by the end of the month.

We are excited to be partnering with PCVST. “Oval Kids by apple seeds” is a pivotal part of their expansion efforts to offer families exceptional amenities. Each time we visit PCVST we are blown away by the 15 incredible playgrounds, amazing park areas, basketball and ping pong facilities, outdoor programs and family events such as carnivals, concerts, and outdoor movie screenings for kids. With our new play space joining these amazing offerings, apple seeds and PCVST kids are about to have a really great summer.

For pricing information and details visit our website: http://www.appleseedsovalkids.com/

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