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Happy Father's Day! Why Are There Fathers?

Alison’s daughter’s second grade class was asked the question:

Why are there fathers?

Here are their answers:
-to give fun.
-to be strong.
-to drive.
-to help have babies. That's all I'm going to say.
-to help mothers.
-to take over for mothers.
-so mothers would have someone to buy the house.
-to do sports with the kids.
-to help with all the extra work.
-to do the electronic stuff.
-to do fixing.
-so the kids don't take over.
-to take responsibility for things.
-to look out for the mothers.
-to help if you get hurt.
-They're the ones who like working.
-to pay.
-to take you to nice places.
-to give good company for the family.
-to give love.

Happy Father's Day!

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