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after school classes at apple seeds!

Are you looking for something FUN to do after school? Join apple seeds for these great after school activities for children ages 3 and up:

Through hands on experiments with actual scientific equipment like test tubes and Petri dishes, children will learn about the amazing, and often slimy, world of science!

twinkle, twinkle little toes (dance):
Plie, twirl and turn in an exciting and magical ballet/tap class filled with playful poses and creative dancing.

This is not your ordinary book club – each week children will explore new characters and far-away places, while they create them-based projects through books and storytelling.

COOKing monsters:
Mix, mash and create globally-inspired meals that your children will enjoy making…and you’ll both enjoy eating!

build it! break it! fix it! (construction):
Children will get their very own hard hats and tool kits and work with everything from screwdrivers to electric drills (plastic), as they practice plumbing, gardening and so much more.

songs for seeds (music):
Dance and sing with this three-piece rock band in what New York magazine selected as New York City’s best kids’ music class.

Visit our website for full class schedules for our Chelsea and Upper West Side location!

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