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Pinterest. Everyone is talking about it.

Everyone is on it.
Seems cool.
Not quite sure how to use it.
What we do know how to use is Etsy.
See something beautiful.
Order it.
Receive it.
Love it.

We are going to list our favorite Etsy products that we have ordered (or plan to order). This is by no means a comprehensive list. It is totally subjective based on the handful of things we have perused and purchased from Etsy. The artists don’t even know we are writing about them (until we email this blog to them). So no cross-marketing genius at play here.
Here they are in no particular order…

Hand stitched children’s art
This the most beautiful way I have ever seen children’s art transferred to a different medium. Allison bought this for Alison as a gift from her three kids. Katie, Travisina’s founder/artist could not have been nicer, more efficient, more precise, careful or professional to work with. The process and the product wildly exceeded expectations (although Katie’s work looked pretty special online). If art can be perfect than Travisina is pretty much perfect.

Personalized stationary
Each and every design is gorgeous. The colors range from olive to orange to hot pink to turquoise…our dream color wheel. The biggest surprise is that each personalized stationary pack of 12 is only $15. (Not a typo -- $15!) We have ordered Naolilynn stationary as birthday gifts, thank you gifts and end of the year teacher gifts. Not to mention, buying myself a little gift gifts.

Cardboard banners and signs
We ordered an amazing cardboard happy birthday banner for apple seeds 3rd birthday and we have used it every year since. Click on the link, you will never believe how cute and cool cardboard signs could be. Sarah Phillips took the apple seeds color palate and matched it perfectly. Her prices are ridiculously reasonable for the level of detail and care she puts into her work. So unique.

Voice Recorder
Our friend Richard Upchurch created one of our kids favorite playthings/musical instruments/gadget they cannot get enough of.
It is a voice recorder that your kids will love and because of its simple, modern design, you will proudly display in your living room.
Here’s all the stuff you want to know…the voice recorder is created with American sustainable wood, non-toxic acrylic paint and a water soluble sealant.
Here’s what your kids want to know…all you have to do is press a red button to record your voice. Then press the black button to hear what you recorded. The fun part…when listening to what you recorded you can turn the dial to change to pitch and speed of your voice. Your kids become chipmunks & scary monsters in an instant. Totally addicting.

Tissue Box
So we asked Tammy & Veronica from our branding company (because we are blown away daily by their creativity and freshness) to tell us their favorite Esty finds. They each coincidentally listed exactly 9 designers/products. This whale tissue box is the one they both listed. (We love the color options.) Maybe they will comment with the rest of their links so you can see them all.
Send us your favorite Etsy designers, products, fashion, things. We love this stuff.
Allison & Alison

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