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Cute summer art project to do at home!

Coffee Filter Butterfly
Here is a cute summer art project to do with your kids at home.

Materials Needed:
- Coffee filter - the largest one you have (come on we all know you drink a LOT of coffee with a little one around)
- Markers or Paints (crayons are ok if you don't have anything else)
- Pipe cleaner, clothes pin or stapler

- Give your artist the coffee filter and paint/markers or crayons. Let them decorate it and make sure they get both sides.
- When they are finished decorating, pinch the center of the filter and have them help you wrap the pipe cleaner around the middle. You can also staple or clip a clothes pin in the center to help create the shape of a butterfly.)
- Voila!
- Take your handmade butterfly outside, toss it high in the air and watch it float around. (Don't forget to grab a cup of coffee first so you can be awake to watch it fly!)

We want to see your projects - share your child’s creation with us on our Facebook page! For more projects like this, check out our my Chelsea art opening classes.

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