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Here is what we want to write our next blog entry about…

The fact that we have no time to write our next blog entry.

Who has the time to write…for pleasure?
After 2 glasses of wine into the night (ok, 3) at least one of us is thinking that all of you parents out there are feeling the same thing.
We are so crunched for time.
Not enough time to exercise (aaaaah).
Brain is spinning with kid appointments and classes to remember -- Day. After. Day.
Husband asking why you are not focusing when you sit down for dinner.
Kids wondering why you didn’t hear them the first two times they called your name (ok you heard…you just didn’t have time to answer before they called your name again!).

That is the theme.

When you look at either of our computers you find an outlook calendar filled with appointment boxes with almost no white space in between.
That means no time to actually get from one thing to the next.
The image of a hamster running on a wheel comes into one of our minds at least once a day.
And hamsters are like mice. We don’t like mice.

This time last week...

My son’s 2 year old doctor’s appointment sort of melded in my mind with the an apple seeds interview I had minutes prior. So I can explain to Jack when he is older the reason his weight and height are not totally accurate is that I was thinking of whether we should hire Becky or Joyce.
Isn’t every mom thinking of 17 other things at any given moment?

This time last week...

I took some time to run some errands (alone) to get our family ready for our spring break trip.
Instead of feeling totally accomplished, I felt a tiny bit accomplished and…totally guilty.
Because Sam and Ari were off from school and I was not doing something (FUN) with them for those 90 minutes. (Somehow that fact that 3 out of my 4 errands were for them did not make me feel any better.)

So sometimes when we are (physically) with them we are not (mentally) with them and sometimes even when we are not (physically) with them we are (mentally) with them.
Either way – we are not ever physically or mentally alone.

Does every mom wait until the quiet hours of their kids’ bedtime to even think about themselves?
Does every mom makes the lists we make (that barely get checked off)?
Or is it just us?

Are dads better at finding time for themselves than we are?

Are we asking too many questions in this blog???
(Please say you did not come here for answers...)

How can we maximize the limited time in our day for us?
Who is that you speak of?
Oh, right.


  1. Very morning I enthusiastically make the list of "after bedtime" things I'm gonna do. By the time 8pm arrives my resolve/energy/motivation have completely crumbled. Unless I have a page turner book (game of thrones), in which case I'm up until 2am (as I was this weekend) when I should have been getting some sleep.

  2. Everyone could use a little more time!