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Hi. We are starting a blog.

We have never written a blog before.  In all honesty, we have only read a few.  It would be great if this wasn’t so one sided.  If it were more of a conversation.  We are more comfortable with that.  We are probably more interested in you than you are in us. 

So what will we talk about in this blog?  Probably stuff that has to do with our kids, our husbands, our business, trying to find a few hours a week to work out, possibly get our nails done and do those baby albums we keep talking about.  We won't claim to know how to find life’s balance...or be the perfect friend and wife and parent all at the same time.  We usually talk to each other about all of this (37 times a day) and now we guess we will be talking to you.  

Maybe we should introduce ourselves… 
We are Alison & Allison.  We both have twins plus a third.  Our husbands Craig (he goes with Allison S) and Bobby (he goes with Alison QB) are our business partnersand our psychologists, financial advisors, confidants and the guys who remind us slow down and eat lunch.  
We are both from NJ.
We both had other careers before apple seeds, but left our jobs to create a place with our husbands where we could work and play with our kids.
We both live in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC.
We both like wine.
You see how this can get confusing...

We have very similar lives with different details.

Alison QB has 2 girls and 1 boy.  
They are the 3 incredible lights in my day.  Maddie & Sydney are my 7 year old twins who make me laugh, make me explore and bring out the girly girl in me.
They are really (really) into American Girls (much to my wallet’s dismay) and they are most often found being upside down - they honestly spend as much time doing cartwheels and handstands as they do sitting still. That’s when they are not cat fighting over who gets to play piano first, a barrette they both want to wear, or something really super important like…piano & barrettes.
Jack just turned 2.
He is not only a 3rd child (read: easy) but he is also my only son AND he’s not a twin (which means he doesn’t have to share my lap and gets all of me). But I don’t worry too much about the complex I might be giving him since he is also often forgotten (as 3rd kids often are) and he is usually wearing some sort of hand me down in pink.  He’ll work out fine.

Allison S has 3 boys.  
Sam and Ari are my 7 year old twins.  They are amazing, hilarious and completely nuts (they have hit that age).  They are also ridiculously picky eaters which makes me totally insane (because as my mother reminds me on a daily basis -- they got that winning quality from me...).  They are both currently obsessed with Legos, Harry Potter, being in a band and losing teeth. 
Dov is 21 months old and 100% delicious.  It is a total love affair in our house.  I am not sure who is more obsessed with the little marshmallow – me and my husband Craig or Ari and Sam.  He will be joining Jack in (hand me down) therapy when he is older to get past the fact that with 2 older brothers he will never own anything “new” in his life.

Soooo…. who are we to write a blog?  To blog? 
We, who had to google “blog” to truly wrap our heads around what we are getting ourselves into.   We are not exactly social media savvy gals.

Allison S signed up for facebook in 2008. Her profile picture was of her older sons, Sam & Ari. 
At Sea World. 
At 2 1/2.  
It took her until last month to update that picture.

Alison QB doesn’t remember when she signed up for facebook but the main reason she likes it is the idea of confirming old friends who jog the memory and remind her of the golden years in New Jersey.

But Alison QB (sort of) convinced Allison S that we actually have a lot to say (well to each other...) and that we can share these absurd streams of consciousness, moments of clarity and wine infused rants with others. As working moms, moms of twins, moms of 3 kids each, moms who are best friends, moms who try every single day to find the balance between being a (totally present, loving, fun, engaging, cook all your organic meals for you) mom, an (out of this world) wife, a (ridiculously impressive) business partner, and a (take a bullet for you) friend (all while staying perfectly fit and youthful looking) we are in the same boat as so many of you.  Since we are nowhere close to having it all figured out, we thought we could blog about trying to attain at least one of those goals like…cooking AN organic meal for our kids…once.

So we are starting a blog (for the 3 people reading this post). But don’t worry, it won’t be just us. We will ask other apple seeds staffers to write, we will ask members and friends (we have some really witty, smart ones to send your way) if they want to contribute.  We think we may even be able to wrangle a few blogs from our hubbies. 

We are going to try it.  We will write.  We hope you write back.  Just keep it clean(ish) – this is a kids space you know. 

Here we go!


  1. That's great you decided to write a blog. I will check it regularly. Good luck!

  2. Just signed my 1yr old twins up for their 1st appleseed's class and saw the link to your blog. Great idea! I look forward to reading it :)