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What Not To Say to My Five Year Old This Summer

by Wendy Bradford

I have always wanted to write a “What Not to Say” piece--"What Not to Say to Pregnant Women," "...to New Mothers," etc. I figured being a mother of twins was my best shot. 

Who knew that my five-year-old daughter would do most of the work for me (again) and give me a blog post? 

Gauging from her reactions this week, I’ve assembled a list of seven things you should not say to a five-year-old girl. In August. In or near my apartment.

Don’t say: “Hi princess!”
Because: Mommy, everyone at camp is calling me a princess! This is the worstest day of my life. (Note: She was wearing a tiara.)

Don’t say: Song lyrics of any kind within one foot of her head.
Because: Mommy, Rider, that little boy in camp, was singing in my FACE! This is the worstest day for me.

Don’t say: “You don’t need to compare drawings with your sister’s. There is no ‘best.’ I love them both.”

Don’t say: “Where’s Ellie?”
Because: Mommy, in computers, the counselor asked ‘where’s Ellie?’ and EVERYONE TURNED AROUND TO LOOK AT ME! This is the worstest day of my life.

Don’t say: “What do you want for lunch tomorrow? Turkey?”
Because: You never listen to me! OOOOH! I can’t take this anymore.

Don’t say: “I think you’re just tired and it’s time for bed.”
Because: You are the worst mother ever and you’re never nice to me! YOU DON’T EVEN LOVE ME! This is the worstest day!

Please don’t say: “Well, tomorrow’s another day!”
Because: MOMMY NO!


Check out Alison and Allison on Fox News International!

A few months back, Alison Berna and Allison Schlanger, co-founders of apple seeds, joined giggle CEO and friend Ali Wing at Fox News for an interview with Fox correspondent and apple seeds member, Julie Banderas.

The segment will air in over 100 countries over the next 6 months!

Special thanks to Julie Banderas and Fox News!


Racing to Fight Childhood Cancer

by Ari & Sam Schlanger and Maddie & Sydney Berna with their moms Alison & Allison (family co-owners of apple seeds)

Every year in May, we encourage our family, friends and the apple seeds community to support us in our efforts to raise money for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. It’s the cause closest to our hearts since Gretchen and Larry (Witt) are our friends, but mostly because their son Liam, who would have been 10 years old this past May, was our children’s friend. Not only did they all go to school together, but Liam and his sister Ella also spent much of their free time at apple seeds, our NYC indoor play space. We called Liam “the mayor of apple seeds.” Everyone knew him. Everyone loved him. Liam would ride his orange scooter down the hall, giving hugs to all his teachers, peppering them with questions about science class and rolling around with Ella in the playground. He had an infectious energy, personality and smile that drew people to him everywhere he went. We all miss him in a way that’s hard to explain, and he comes up constantly in our thoughts, conversations and lives.

In May, we hosted our annual bake sale at apple seeds. But, this year, we decided to add another element to our fundraising/awareness raising effort. We encouraged our four older kids — Ari, Maddie, Sam and Sydney — to run a 5k race with us to raise more money. They hesitated a whole 1.7 seconds before saying yes, and we were off!

With an email, a photo and a plea to friends for help, they raised over $10,000 in just two days! Over Memorial Day weekend we all ran the 5k race together. During the three-plus miles, the kids barely stopped running, with mentions and reminders of Liam along the way. It was as if Liam kept us all going. It was as if those four young kids knew the difference they could make for children just like Liam, children who have a chance at life. It was as if they knew that running and talking about him and helping his parent’s organization would keep his memory alive.

As they crossed the finish line, they asked, “How much money are we up to now?!” Now, $11,548 dollars later, they feel proud of their contribution to fight childhood cancer, and they are already planning ways they can continue to make a difference.

Cookies for Kids’ Cancer was kind enough to ask our children to present their check for their donation.

They know that if Liam were still with us he would have been running that 5k with our group. They’ve seen first-hand the fragility of life and the enemy that is cancer, and they are determined to make a difference.


Congratulations Cassie and Eric!

Just 3 weeks ago, our very own Birthday Manager, Cassie Orzano Haviland, celebrated her wedding day. Cassie looked so beautiful and we just had to share some photos with you...ENJOY!


Evelin Santiago - employee of the month!

Congratulations Evelin!  You are the July employee of the month!  You can always be found with seven children walking behind you calling out your name…usually it sounds like “Ebawin” or “Ehwwwwaweee.”  (Seriously, you’re like the Pied Piper)  You are amazing in the playground, a great assistant in class and constantly proactive.  You are willing to help out wherever and whenever help is needed and you always do it with a smile (and a coffee).  For all of this, we are truly grateful to have you as part of the apple seeds team!