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Blending Business and Family with Alison & Allison

We had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with our old friend Debbie Archangeles and chat a little about a lot: work life blend, re-evaluating and reinvesting to help business growth, personal causes and of course franchise business.

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Keep Moving Forward - Re-inventing Your Brand

At Beyond Mom we often discuss how to start a business from ground up! But what about building a business and growing it over 8-10 years and beyond? We turn to the founders of apple seeds indoor play spaces and songs for seeds music classes, Alison Qualter Berna and Allison Schlanger. They met 9 years ago and bonded over having twins and quickly realized they shared a desire for a new Beyond Mom life. The ladies share their favorite company mantra (keep moving forward!), a typical day on the job, their inspiration behind their successful company and the fact that they are looking for other Beyond Moms to partner with to bring their children’s music program to their own communities. If you are interested in a meaningful career, with flexible hours, and the ability to bring your kids to work with you – read on!

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Two couples strike a chord with family music-class franchise

photo credit Buck Ennis
An excerpt from the Crane's Business Article...
Alison Qualter Berna and Allison Schlanger became fast friends at a baby music class in 2005. Besides sharing a name, both were working moms with twins trying to solve the work-life balance conundrum.
A dozen years later their company is making millions of dollars helping parents keep their preschool kids active and stimulated. Now they are their own bosses, allowing them the freedom to make time for family.
The women's working relationship began with dinner and wine with their husbands, the conversation moving to how to strike out on their own. Soon the couples put a plan into action: They pooled more than $1 million from savings, family and friends to develop an indoor play space called Apple Seeds. From the get-go they wanted to create a brand that could become a franchise operation......
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NYC’s ‘apple seeds’ founders want to meet you

Here's an excerpt from our interview with LollygagBlog.com. You can see our full interview HERE

So now you’re offering the opportunity to franchise! Tell me a little bit about your ideal market and who your ideal franchisee might be!

Our ideal market is really any community where there are enough babies and young children! We are excited to see just how much songs for seeds could thrive in a city like Chicago. Our ideal candidate is usually a parent or someone who loves children. She wants to incorporate her family life into her work life and most importantly, she wants to have flexible hours and control her own time. She is outgoing, a doer with entrepreneurial drive. She wants to make an impact in her community and bring a new program to other parents in the neighborhood.

We have a comprehensive software platform that organizes franchisees from day one, [plus] an easy to use help center, marketing portal and customer feedback system. We have week-long intensive training program in NYC that is so fun we call it band camp. We give our partners ongoing support from contract signing throughout the running of their business. They are not alone and we can’t wait to share in their successes. No retail location is required, which means there is no lease nor build out. There are no full-time employees required- just the part time band, and who doesn’t like hiring cool musicians that love kids? Songs for seeds is a high profit margin business that is highly scalable and offers growth quite quickly. In fact, three of our franchise owners have opened their second locations in less than a year.....

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For Moms Who Want To Start a Business but Don't Have a Business Idea

photo credit: Keelyn Mitchell

There are many women who change careers once they have children— either by necessity (like me) or by choice, like Alison Berna and Allison Schlanger, two new friends I made recently who started the apple seeds playspace in NYC.

Just to give you a bit of background— I was introduced to the Al(l)isons shortly after my book came out. We have a mutual friend who gave them a copy and they loved it so much, they decided to order a whole bunch to give as gifts to their most loyal customers. Then we ended up using their party space for Harlow’s birthday party. As I got to know them, I realized we have a lot in common and wanted to help them spread the word about their new franchise opportunity, which they say works best for moms who find themselves in the exact same spot as they did back when they first became parents.

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