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March 19th Daily Drop

Every day we will be delivering a little slice of apple seeds for you to enjoy at home. Each day you will get a new video from our songs for seeds music class as well as another activity from our cooking, art and dance classes. There is also a section for the parents, and a bit of humor to put a smile on your child’s face each day. Although we can’t meet in person right now, we can still join together to sing and dance to some of our favorite songs for seeds jams, and more. You can find all of the same super fun content on our social media pages and our website.

We will see you back here tomorrow! 
sing with the band!
more apple seeds fun!

joke of the day!
scroll down to the very end for the answer :)
parents... just for you
Parents are the first to put their own health (and sanity) on the back burner to tend to their kids. Self care is even more complicated now with no school, no activities, kids constantly at home. Here’s a great NY Times article on how to stay healthy amidst the Coronavirus. It comes down to lowering stress and sleeping more. We know it’s hard, but you have to stay healthy for yourself...and your kids. In addition to washing your hands and taking care, please allow yourself the space to breathe, sit mindfully to calm your nerves...and sleep! 
did you see this?
How would you like to have a story read to your kids by Jennifer Garner, Reese Witherspoon or Amy Adams? Well, now you can!
30 million children rely on school for food. Responding to the needs of kids during school closures, Save the Children US and No Kid Hungry have a new fund #SAVEWITHSTORIES to support food banks, and mobile meal trucks, and community feeding programs to make sure brains are full, as well as bellies.
favorite recipes

answer to the joke of the day!     
share the love
We love our apple seeds families! Be sure to share your photos and videos of your kids singing with the band or testing out one of our recipes. Tag us on social media so we can share the love too!

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