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March 17th Daily Drop

sing with the band!
more apple seeds fun!

joke of the day!
scroll down to the very end for the answer :)
parents... just for you
Bored at home and out of ideas?  Try cooking with your child using your favorite recipe or use our hummus recipe below! You can emphasize the sensory experiences (what does it smell like? what does it feel like?) and you can teach numbers and measurement as you go. Most of all you can enjoy your results together… when was the last time you had a family picnic in the living room? 
Share your photos or videos with us by tagging us on social or send them our way!  ENJOY!
favorite recipes

answer to the joke of the day!     
share the love
We love our apple seeds families! Be sure to share your photos and videos of your kids singing with the band or testing out one of our recipes. Tag us on social media so we can share the love, too!

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