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Team See Possibilities brings music to the Luis Braille School for the Blind

by Alison Qualter Berna

Three months ago, I sat at a UNICEF event at the Luis Braille School for the Blind in one of the poorest sections of Lima, Peru, and began to absorb what we had just accomplished. I was with my dear friends Dan Berlin, Charles Scott and Brad Graff, my partners on Team See Possibilities, a team we formed with the hope to inspire others to go beyond their perceived limitations and live a more adventurous life, despite the obstacles that stand in our way.

Only 3 days before, we ran the Inca Trail nonstop to Machu Picchu in just 13 hours. Typically a 4 day trek, we helped Dan make history as the first blind person to complete the trail in just one day. For more about our journey, see my earlier blog entry here and Charles’s article in the Huffington Post.

We raised money for the Blind Institute of Technology and UNICEF Peru, but after speaking at the event and playing soccer with the blind children, Dan immediately suggested a portion of UNICEF’s money go directly to Luis Braille School.

This week we received photos from our friends in Lima. With the funds, the Luis Braille School purchased brand new musical instruments, something the school lacked. 

Seeing these photos makes me want to put my sneakers on and keep running to raise money…

For those of you who donated, please see the direct impact you are making. THANK YOU for your continued support!

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