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Cookies for Kids' Cancer announces FAMILY FUN DAY (December 5th)

by Allison Schlanger and Alison Qualter Berna

Dec 5th is National Cookie Day.

The perfect excuse to eat cookies. Lest anyone to think you are unpatriotic! What if we told you that on Dec 5th you could eat cookies AND raise money for pediatric cancer research?

Talk about guilt free cookie eating! You have to do it. How could you pass up a chance to raise money for pediatric cancer? You wouldn’t - you are not that type of person!

Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, is an organization that is incredibly close to our hearts. It is a national foundation that does the most unbelievable job of raising funds for pediatric cancer research and then giving those funds directly to the medical trials, and doctors, who are in the operating rooms, and research labs, saving children’s lives every single day.

We have personally witnessed the intimate relationship CFKC has with the top pediatric cancer hospitals. They are laser focused. The founders personally make sure that every single dollar raised goes directly to approving medical trials needed to help kids win the battle against this monster of a disease that takes more children’s lives in the US than any other.

CFKC also knows how to throw a party.

Join us on Dec 5th for FAMILY FUN DAY…cupcake and cookie decorating with the best pastry chefs in NYC, portrait artists, face painters, balloon artists, songs for seeds (!) and more.

Did we mention that the goodie bag is a cookie jar filled with delicious treats from 15 of the country’s top pastry chefs?

Hope to see you there.

For more information and to purchase tickets click here!

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