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Jan 24, 2011 was a very sad day at apple seeds. We lost one of our most present kids. His name was Liam. He spent most afternoons at apple seeds.  He came flying in on his orange scooter, ran around our playground with his sister Ella, sang on the mic during songs for seeds concerts and picked science as the theme for his apple seeds birthday party. He was just like our kids and yours…gorgeous, loveable, huggable, kissable, fun, funny, friendly, curious, happy and amazing.  He was 6 ½ when he died. It was tragic. It was tragic for his mother, for his father and for his little sister. It was tragic for his teachers, for his friends, for his nurses and his doctors. It was tragic for the local firemen who gave him an honorary locker and for the pizza guy that made him special pies with a ton of extra melted cheese. It was tragic for everyone that knew him and for those that did not but heard about him.
Today would have been Liam’s 11th birthday.  There are 40,000 children like Liam actively battling cancer right now.  Liam’s family has made it their life’s mission to protect other kids and families from suffering the same tragedy they faced. They have started an organization called Cookies for Kids’ Cancer.

In 6 years, Cookies for Kids’ Cancer has funded almost 50 childhood cancer research grants resulting in 9 promising new treatments now in clinical trial.

With cookies. Specifically…bake sales.
The amazing part is that you and your kids can make an impact, together, with a bake sale.

It really is so simple.
o   Gather a bunch of friends and their kids…or a bunch of kids and their parents -- or go at it with just your kids.
o   Each family or group bakes a certain amount of treats (can be anything in your wheelhouse).
o   Use Cookies for Kids’ Cancer bags, twist ties and stickers to wrap the goodies.
o   Make signs.
o   Choose a high traffic location.
o   Set up a table.
o   Sell like you have never sold before.
o   Make a difference with your kids, for all the children, like Liam, fighting this monster of a disease.

Easy to use event starter kit here

More about the incredible Cookies for Kids’ Cancer org here

Quick link to donate to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer

Thank you for your support.

Alison, Allison, Bobby & Craig and the entire apple seeds team

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