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JICNY’s Tower of Light Award

by Alison Qualter Berna

Last week our business partners and closest friends, Allison and Craig, were honored by the JICNY (Jewish International Connection in New York) for their dedication and commitment to service.

Thanks to the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project, last summer Allison had the privilege and great fortune to go on a “mom’s trip” to Israel. I remember Allison’s struggle leaving her three beautiful kids for 10 long days. She wanted to go, but felt tormented by the idea of taking so much time away from her family, work, life at home…

Thanks to Craig, and a few of us who knew she would grow and change positively from this experience, she excitedly, and nervously, boarded the plane. 

When Allison returned, she was transformed in a way that only an eye-opening, educational trip can make an impact. She learned more deeply about the culture and made close friends, but Allison took it one step further and this is what makes her so special. Shortly after the trip, she hosted a JICNY event in her home and organized a group of women that meets monthly, giving them the space and time to continue the tradition of sharing stories, love and support.

At the event, Craig introduced Allison in his classic, loving way that exudes just how much he admires his wife. Perhaps my favorite part about attending this event was watching the incredible Schlanger boys, Sam, Ari and Dov, as they smiled with pride for their parents!

Here are a few photos of them receiving the JICNY’s Tower of Light Award:

Bobby and I continue to be in awe of all that Allison and Craig do and how much they give back to this world.

We sit in gratitude at their partnership and their presence in our family’s life.

Alison & Bobby

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