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Ari Schlanger (age 9) wrote a blog about his cousin.

by Ari Schlanger (9 years old)

Hi. My name is Ari Schlanger. I am 9 years old. I wrote a blog about my cousin Andy who has diabetes. I hope you will read it....

Last year, when my cousin Andy was 6, she got type 1 diabetes. She turned 7 yesterday. Andy has a very nice personality and is always willing to have fun and play. If you saw her you would not be able to tell she has diabetes because she is always enjoying herself. Even though she has to get blood tests and shots every two hours during the day and at night – she is always in a good mood and everyone loves her. During the shot taking and blood testing she has the same expression on her face that she had before diabetes. She is so used to them that right now I am thinking that she is the bravest person I know.

Andy being very brave (my hero).

This is our second year doing the JDRF Walk To Cure Diabetes. My brothers, Sam and Dov, and I are also doing a raffle for a one year membership to apple seeds to raise money for the walk. I hope you consider buying a raffle ticket. You can donate any amount you want. At the walk, Sam, Dov, Andy and I will pick the names of the winners. We will call you and tell you if you are a lucky winner. You can buy a ticket at any of the apple seeds’ front desks. You can also donate to Andy’s JDRF Warrior Princesses (and Princes) page and we will add your name for you.

I hope you will choose to help Andy and all the other children with diabetes. Thank you for reading my blog.

Me and Andy taking a dip.

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