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race for Cookies For Kids' Cancer

Our oldest four kids (Maddie, Sydney, Ari and Sam) ran their first race on Memorial Day Weekend.
A 5k to raise money and awareness for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer.

We were not sure how it was going to go…4 nine year olds running 3 miles…but they were truly amazing!

They barely stopped to rest. It was so much fun, and motivating, running together.

And we had some pretty cute cheerleaders…

The kids kept plugging along, mile after mile, until the victorious feeling of crossing that finish line.

We spoke about all the people that donated to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer as we ran. It really gave the kids determination and kept them moving knowing that so many of their friends and family – even people they did not know - supported their effort. They would all like to say thank you personally…


We just want to say thank you for donating. We were thinking about you the whole time we were running and we kept thinking about how we were doing this for charity - for Cookies for Kids' Cancer.


Thank you everybody! I care a lot this cause and I am so glad to be able to help other kids, especially kids who have cancer. It’s not fair. Thank you for your donation!


When I was running with my mom, I thought about all of the kids that we were helping and I felt really good to help them. Thank you for your donation and helping us raise so much money for Cookies for Kids Cancer!


Thank you all for your generous donations. I was encouraged by all of you so much, that whenever I got tired, I kept reminding myself about what you all have done. Thank you so much.

Because of your support, the kids raised over $10,000 in one week! $10,000 that will go straight to Cookies for Kids Cancer…money that will go directly to research and help find a cure.

Cookies for Kids’ Cancer asked us to do a “check presentation” as a way to officially hand in their donation. As you can imagine – they are all very excited. We cannot thank you enough for your support of Sam, Ari, Maddie, Sydney (and of course, Jack and Dov) and Cookies for Kids’ Cancer.

If you didn’t have time to donate, every dollar makes a difference.

We deeply thank you for your time, your donation and your support.

Allison & Alison

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