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Honoring Liam on his Birthday

apple seeds is having a bake sale today to raise money for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. 

Today would have been our friend Liam’s 10th birthday. The bake sale is in his honor. It is going on all day at our Chelsea location.  Here is an excerpt from an email we received from Liam’s mom, our dear friend, Gretchen. 


Liam’s 10th birthday is a big one for us. 10. He’s in the double digits. As we see Liam’s friends growing and changing, we wonder what Liam would be like at 10. Would he be as funny? Would his hair still be blond? Would he still put his hand on his hip and cock his head to the side when asking questions? Would he still ask a million questions about everything? Would he still be into science and cooking? Would he be into sports like his mom and dad or would he be leading a group doing yoga, one of his other passions? Would he still be our love bug? Would he still make everyone he met feel special? 10. My baby is 10. Well, he should be 10. Thank you, again, for not forgetting.  


- A & A

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