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Happy Bird-day Jack

By Dov Schlanger
(with a tiny bit of help from Ari and Allison Schlanger)

Our blog is being hijacked by Dov Schlanger, in honor of his best friend Jack Berna’s birthday.
Since Dov is 3 ½, he had lots of thoughts about Jack, but the “writing it all down” was a bit challenging.
Here’s his first draft.

I decided it might be easier if we did it interview style.  I started asking the questions and then my son, Ari (9) took over.

Here we go…

Me:  Guess whose birthday is coming up?

Dov: Sam and Ari’s!

Me: We just celebrated their birthday. Guess whose birthday is next?

Dov: Points to himself.

Me: Yes. You are next in our family, but we still have 3 months to go. We are going to celebrate someone’s birthday before yours…Do you want me to tell you?

Dov: Yes!

Me: Jack’s birthday is next.

Dov: Jack Berna?

Me: Yes.

Dov: I love Jack Berna!

Me: I know you do.
(I pause because I love Dov’s gut reaction the minute he hears Jack’s name - so Ari jumps in.)

Ari: What do you like to do with Jack?

Dov: I like to play with him.

Ari: What do you like to play?

Dov: Ironman! And running into walls and falling down!

Ari: What is your favorite thing about Jack?

Dov: Giving him hugs.

Ari: Do you think Jack is funny?

Dov: Yes!

Me: What is the funniest thing Jack says?

Dov: (In his deepest voice possible.) “I can’t take it!”

Ari: What do you think Jack should have on his cake?

Dov: I think it is going to be like the bird-day cake at apple seeds. No. I think it is going to have “Eye of the Tiger” on the cake. The Rocky song. That’s what I would have on my cake.

Ari: Do you want to sing Happy Birthday to Jack?

Dov: Yes. Happy Bird-day to you. Happy Bird-day to you. Happy Bird-day to Jaaa-aaaack. Happy Bird-day to you.

Ari: Are you looking forward to Jack’s birthday?

Dov: Yes!

Ari: Why?

Dov: Because I love Jack Berna.

Me: We know you do.

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