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Best CPR class ever!

We joined our staff to do a CPR training at apple seeds this week.  After 7 years of doing this necessary training, the guy who taught us is the best we’ve ever had!
We are getting nothing out of this.  We just had to share how much we enjoyed both his style of teaching, and the energy with which he imparted the information.   Choking, respiratory distress, cardiac arrest… none of it is easy to think about but somehow he made us all feel more educated and confident.

Trust us, we admit to dozing off once or twice during CPR class in the past.  Zoning out to the video. Forgetting just how many compressions are needed. Or was it breaths?

Greg Cintron is a natural born teacher (and perhaps one day he should be a stand-up comic).  Not a single person zoned out.  Not a single person was bored.  Our bet is that each person will remember just what to do when the moment arises.

We both feel more confident thinking about the hundreds of babies and children in our lives – as well as the adults that bring them to our space every single day.

We want to bring him back to apple seeds to teach a CPR seminar for our community of parents.
Let us know if this would interest you?

Click like if you would like to get certified and this is something you would attend.



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