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This week, my mother-in-law, Bobby’s amazing mom Maria, was honored at the 9th annual benefit in support of her free health clinics on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

At 83 years old, she continues to work as an OB/GYN, even after retirement, and she doesn't make a single penny doing it.  She gives her time and service to the migrant workers in rural Maryland, mostly immigrants from Central America.

Called “Women Helping Women,” the benefit gathers musicians and singers from the area – mostly women – and they perform an unbelievable 3 hour show at the impressive and newly renovated Prince Theatre / Garfield Center for the Arts  in Chestertown, MD.  Ticket sales go entirely to support Maria’s health clinics (100% of every single dollar), and the sold out show makes me believe that we could one day raise even more money for her selfless work.

I am very proud of my mother-in-law (who I will travel to Nepal with next month). But I am also overwhelmed with pride at my two baby girls, who showed me once again this week that they are all grown up.

As the youngest performers of a 25 person group of musicians, Sydney played and both Maddie and Sydney sang Imagine, by John Lennon.  They opened the show and took at least this mother’s breath away.

To open the second act, Maria spoke and thanked the packed 300 seat theatre.  Her speech of gratitude was focused on her patients, but she transcended the local and moved to the issue of human trafficking around the world. She finds a connection between the abuse of immigrants who are sick and cannot find proper health care, with the abuse of human beings – mostly women and children – being trafficked from country to country without a care for their well-being.   

Her moving speech was followed by my baby girl Maddie, who both played and sung My Valentine, by Paul McCartney.

The video clips of my girls’ performances are at these links:

Sydney playing and both Maddie and Sydney singing Imagine, by John Lennon

Maddie playing and singing My Valentine, by Paul McCartney

If you would like to donate to this amazing cause and support an incredible human being as she (again, at 83 years old) selflessly helps others, you can click the link below to find the Garfield Center for the Arts website – scroll down a bit on the Women Helping Women page to find the icon and click through to PayPal. 
We TRULY appreciate your support – every single dollar will be used to help fund the clinic, and care for countless people who don’t have any other means.

Maria promises to be around for the 25 year anniversary….


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