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We were on TV twice this week! Crazy.

It was a pretty big week around these parts. We were interviewed for 2 different TV shows…Good Morning America and Fox News!  Both experiences were so much fun. Here are the highlights…

When we arrived at apple seeds on the UWS to tape our interview for Good Morning America’s segment on how to prepare your first child for baby #2, GMA was already interviewing a social worker for our segment.  The social worker turned out to be one of Allison S.’s girlfriends from high school (a total surprise), Donna (Weinman) Ellenbogen.

The GMA correspondent that did the interview was Melissa Rycroft of  The Bachelor and Dancing With The Stars fame.  Yes she is pretty…very pretty. She is 6 ½ months pregnant and looks adorable. She is also very sweet and a great interviewer. She was extremely easy to chat with, super honest about her own experiences raising her daughter and has a great sense of humor. We did our own hair and make-up so we pretty much will look exactly like we do after a day of dropping off the kids at school, working, picking them up, afterschool activities, homework…super glamorous.

We are also so bad at this social media thing we totally forgot to take pictures at the shoot, so our apple seeds multi-media coordinator, Tom DelPizzo, mocked one up for us.

The Fox News shoot was in the Fox studios.  One of us worked in TV for 5 years (Alison B.) and the other for 13 years (Allison S.) and it is still fun for us to be in a TV studio. We were smart enough to get professionals to do our hair this time and the Fox make-up artists were kind enough to do our faces.  We shared the segment with our friend Ali Wing – co-founder of giggle baby stores (another total surprise).

Fox correspondent and apple seeds member Julie Banderas did the interview. 
She could not be nicer – telling us how much she and her daughters love apple seeds and calling Dan Griffith, our songs for seeds coordinator and band leader, the Justin Bieber of the kiddie music world.

After the interview we actually remembered to take pictures! 

Then one of us (Allison S.) went into the restroom only to realize that the lipstick the make-up artists applied had worn off but the lip liner remained leaving her with what can only be described as duck lips.

She emerged from the restroom to hear the producer tell Alison B. that this particular segment will air every day for years in over 100 of Fox’s international markets.  It will never go away…and neither will the duck lips.      

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