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Why Are There Mothers?

Alison’s daughter’s second grade class was asked the question:

Why are there mothers?

Here are their answers:
So you can get born.
To take care of babies in the “mom’s” way.
So fathers can control the kids better.
So there aren’t too many boys.
So there is someone to be kind and loving.
For the food.
So someone will cook and you can really eat it.
So someone can go to work and protect your family.
So there is someone to buy cupcakes.
So dads won’t be lonely and will have someone to drink wine with and smooch.
To do the discipline.
To keep you from being disoriented.
To help you be better and encourage you.
To help you prepare for confession and communion.
So there is someone to tuck you in.
So there is someone to shop with.
To give fathers work to do.
So while you’re at school, there is someone to take care of the little brothers and sisters and the pets.
To read to you.
To plan trips and birthday parties.
To teach you and help with homework.
To do the yelling.
To take away privileges and ground you forever!
To make you do the right thing.
To clean up your messes.
To entertain you, like with crazy dances.
To say yes to toys.
To bring you surprises.
To snuggle.
To give you all your love and affection.

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