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Katie Couric at apple seeds!

On Monday, we had the Katie Couric show filming at the UWS playground for an upcoming segment. Here is Katie Couric with 3 of our co-founders, Bobby Berna, Alison Qualter Berna and Allison Schlanger!

Tune in to the show on Wednesday, February 6th at 3pm on ABC to see Katie play with the McGhee sextuplets (a reality show on Ophrah's OWN network) in the apple seeds playground!

If any of you are wondering what Katie Couric is like, she is the nicest, most down to earth, open, cool woman we've met in quite some time.

Alison QB used to babysit for Katie's kids back in the day so seeing her in the babysitting role was quite a treat.

As for the sextuplets, they couldn't have been cuter. The energy level in the room spiked sixfold when they arrived. We were blown away when their parents told us that they've had all six of them going to bed at 7:00pm on the dot since the day they were born!

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