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looking for a sports or movement class?

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world sippy cup soccer
Join us for the world’s most popular sport, pared down to the basics. Children will learn beginning soccer skills while working on balance and coordination. This class will have kids running, dribbling and kicking. The “goal” of this class is that kids develop a love of the game.
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apple CORE training
Whether you have a budding athlete, or your little one just needs a place to “run it out”, look no further for a high energy introduction to sports and games. Children will have a ball as they kick, catch, throw and run playing a new sport every two weeks.
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move baby, move!
This baby gym class inspires movement through play with parachutes, soft climbing steps, ramps, mats, tunnels and bubbles. Each week children are given age-appropriate toys to play with and motivate action. Sing along with our instructors to classics and contemporary songs while your child moves along.
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