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A week has passed and for some people power has been restored and life is slowly returning to normal.
For others, however, utter devastation remains and life will never be the same again.
As temperatures drop, the situation for so many is becoming more imminent.

What can you do?
apple seeds has compiled a list of organizations that we recommend.
Whether you are donating money or supplies or both, we hope you take a moment to read the below information, click on the links and donate to help our neighbors in need.


Gramercy Park Block Association has a system in place to get critical supplies directly into the hands of those in need in Midland, Staten Island, Red Hook, Brooklyn and Breezy Point, Queens.
Have your kids help you gather supplies from your home (the 99 cent stores always have hand warmers, canned/dry food, cleaning supplies, etc.).
Follow the link to see the list of items most needed, as well as where and when to drop them off.

There is an urgent need for 2,000 blankets at 419A West 17th Street.
This is a Chelsea public housing complex with over 3,000 units and many seniors.
They were hit hard by the hurricane, and still do not have any heat as the temperatures are rapidly dropping.
Anyone delivering blankets should call Miguel Acevedo at 646-671-0310 to set up a drop off.

One of apple seeds' friends, Stacy Quinn, lived in Long Beach with her husband and 5-month-old son - up until last week.
Hurricane Sandy flooded their home with 3 to 6 feet of ocean water, sand and sewage. They have lost everything and will not be able to return home. Stacy's husband is an FDNY firefighter and has been working overtime to help others affected by the storm. In the interest of trying to get this family exactly what they need to start over, another one of our friends created this registry under Stacy's name (type in Stacy Quinn). If you feel like helping, please know that your donation will be going directly to help a family right now.


Our partners and friends at the Downtown Community Center in Tribeca had to temporarily close its doors as they pump gallons of water out of their classrooms and basement. After 25 years of serving children and families in lower Manhattan, they have to now focus their efforts on rebuilding their space for families to bring their children to play, learn and grow.
Please help us help them by making a donation to their rebuilding effort.

Our close family friends have been witnessing the devastation that hit the Rockaways as they clear out the severe damage to their family home.
They recommends that we donate to the Broad Channel Volunteer Fire Department. They lost everything. Two trucks, three ambulances and most of the contents of their building….yet they are still there, working for others affected by this storm, 24 hours a day.
They need our help.

A personal issue for one of our co-founders is the restoring the Jersey Shore. Growing up on Long Beach Island, the reality has hit that the coastline will never be the same again. Houses have been swept away, entire streets and communities have been forever changed all along the coast from Atlantic City to Asbury Park. Help us to help them rebuild and restore these beaches, so close to our NYC home.

To donate more broadly, please see below:

Occupy Sandy Relief:
Occupy Sandy is a coordinated relief effort to help distribute resources & volunteers to help neighborhoods and people affected by Hurricane Sandy. It is a coalition of people & organizations who are dedicated to implementing aid and establishing hubs for neighborhood resource distribution. They’ve set up a registry of desperately needed items in the areas most affected by the storm.

The Mayor’s Fund:

The Red Cross:


  1. This is a great list! We have been forwarding it around to many friends outside of New York looking to help. Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much for forwarding the list - it's so great to see how willing everyone is to help near and far.