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apple seeds UWS is OPEN and SAVE $50 on winter classes.

Just in case you haven't heard...apple seeds UWS is open.
Chelsea is still closed.
While we wait for power to be restored downtown, we invite our Chelsea members and fall class participants to come to our UWS facility for electricity (lights, clean water, charge your cell phones) and fun (let your kids climb our walls not yours).

All classes are cancelled for the remainder of the week for both locations. We will make up for all missed classes. UWS class participants – come use our playground until classes are back in session.

Because of hurricane Sandy, we've extended our winter early registration discount. Sign up now and SAVE up to $50 on winter class registration.

Need to reach us? Call 212.792.7591 or email us at hellouws@appleseedsplay.com.

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